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I've already done a lot of research, using all my usual Disney sites, but figured I'd ask here just in case. But I'm going to Disney next month, and I really want to try and eat compeletly vegan the entire time. I had a lot of dining reservations made; at Mama Melrose's (Italian,) the Wave, (seasonal American,) Tusker House, (African) Sanaa (Indian,) Sci-Fi, (American,) Kouzzina, (Greek,) Via Napoli, (Italian,) and Tokyo Dining, (Japanese.)

I also have breakfast reservations at the Wave and Kona Cafe, but I may cancel them since the only thing I can see on the menu there that I would eat would be fruit and possibly the breakfast potatoes. Does anyone know how accomodating they are for breakfast at their table service restaurants?

I guess I'm really just looking for any extra tips and advice, as I think I've really already done everything I can before my trip.

I found some of the older threads about it

Some of them might be a little dated, I think the earliest was 2008, I didn't post any of the really old ones, but some of those have some links that should help too.

I recommend going to wilderness lodge and eating at artists point, I'd check first though, I haven't been in a while, but I got a yummy vegan meal there. (it's a kind of pricey, reservations required kind of place)


Thanks for the links. I've actually been to Artist Point before, pre-vegan, and have always liked it. Someone else recommended the Wilderness Lodge's other table service restaurant, Whispering Canyon Cafe for quinoa cakes. So I may have to eat somewhere at that resort. So many decisions, so few days. 


Whispering Canyon is super fun. That place is insane. We got a free meal there and I got an eggplant quesadilla. I was also in an invisible horse race with the waiters and a tea drinking contest, and they had an award ceremony for my mom for cleaning her plate and she got a certificate. Haha, cool place for sure.


I just added a Whispering Canyon Cafe lunch reservation to my trip. I'm looking foward to it, as that's one restaurant at Disney I've never been to before.

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