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Emerald Isle, North Carolina

Hi All! 

In two weeks I'll be going to Emerald Isle on vacation and was wondering if anyone has ever been there and could tell me if there are any vegetarian/vegan restaurants?  Or how good the grocery store is if there aren't any places to eat out.  Also, if there are great things I should be sure to check out.


HI there,
I can only help a little; I'm much more familiar with the northern part of the OBX (where there are a few places, but I think you'll be too far south).  My experience with the OBX in general is that it's not terribly veg friendly.  I'd plan my route through Wilmington, and seek out a HFS and inquire. 
Have fun, we'll be up that way at the end of September!

this one's in Wilmington


We went to Holden Beach this year, which is not too far, and honestly, I say be prepared to cook your own food. We did go to a deli called Archibald's two years ago, and they had a hummus sandwich or something (wow! so original) but mostly we just cook for ourselves when we are there. The local F00d Lions have great fresh veggies and whatnot, but don't necessarily count on finding all your regular soy products.

I think Jacksonville is much closer than Wilmington, so maybe start looking there for restaurants/co-ops. Maybe if you get a recommendation from the locals, it might be worth a day trip or maybe a special dinner out on the town. Have fun!

We're headed out to the OBX pretty soon ourselves (Duck/Corolla area). We're pretty close, so we're driving, and we like to pack up a cooler since it's only a 6-hour drive or so. I think we'll take a block or two of our favorite tofu from our co-op, perhaps my Wildwood unsweetened yogurt, maybe a roll or two of homemade seitan o'greatness, but other than that, we like to live on fresh veggies and beer at the beach!

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