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Genghis Grill

Anyone else been?

We have a new one here, and it's the only restaurant in town that we've been wholly pleased with. It's a Mongolian grill, and you can specify vegetarian (they steam clean your portion of the grill, new utensil, and do various other things). You build your own bowl with tons of veggies, fruits, spices, tofu!!!, and choose a sauce(s) and starch. As far as I know, the only non-vegan things (aside from the myriad of meats) are the red curry peanut sauce (shrimp something), the Szechuan sauce (oyster), and the fried rice (I assume egg). The tofu is actually really good, and both of my bowls have been great. I like to get udon.

not probably helpful, but we have two chains of 'mongolian bbq' restaurants here.
One is called Gengy's and the other is Genghis Khan haha.

I went a couple of times years ago but I'm not sure about their procedures for cooking .  Though I did go with a girl who is deathly allergic to fish, and they cooked hers on a separate plate in the kitchen, so I'd hope they'd do something similar for veg*ns.
It was fun because we always went with a big group and it's the perfect kind of place for getting a bit rowdy!
We don't eat out anymore though, and the place near us has gotten more expensive


We have a couple here, and I like them.  the hubbs doesn't care too much for it, but eh, what does he know?  ;)


hehe :)

Yeah, we still go occasionally, but it's actually kinda expensive compared to other things.. at least if you are just getting 1 bowl (which is plenty plenty). Not really worth the cost, but an ok option.

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