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So, I'm leaving for London tomorrow!

I printed out a list of vegan restaurants in London, but does anyone have any specific recommendations? :D

Shelloid, where you at?!

I'm quite jealous.  I REALLY want to go to Europe.


Gnarls - I wasn't a vegan when I lived in London, but looking back the BEST food i had in that city BY FAR was the indian food. It was simply amazing everywhere i went. I bet you could find places that use oil instead of ghee or simply ask for a substitution - and you will have the best meals.

Have a great time!


Bumping this thread too cause I'm going to London next week!  Any places I HAVE to try?


where are you going and when?

Ok so my favourites are:

Mildred's - definately top of my list.....not entirely vegan, but lots of vegan options (if you go their mushroom pie is so so so good - GET THE PIE).  It's in quite a good location too - near Picadilly Circus.  A downside is that you can't book and sometimes it feels a bit like you're being rushed.  Although last time I went they had just opened a cafe restaurant (not able to serve alcohol) just a couple of doors down which was great - three of us had the place to ourselves but didn't feel like we were putting anyone out or fell uncomfortble at all.

Also, a bit more price but yummy is saf but that's a bit more out of the way and in not a cool area.  A really nice restaurant though and all raw and so yummy.

Or actually maybe my favourite is 222.  Everything is vegan and it's well priced and a nice quaint cafe type atmosphere - I managed to take a big group of friends there (all meat eaters), when I left my last job and they loved it too.  Again this is a bit out of the central area though and in a not that nice section of London.

Eat & Two Veg is also quite good, but not really anything too special in my eyes.  A bit like a diner, but good burgers.  Not as many vegan options -especially lacking vegan desserts, which always upsets me!

Manna is nice - I think that the atmosphere is a bit more upmarket than most other veggie restaurants I've been to.  I went there for my birhtday last year and the food was great - especially the vegan chocolate fondant.

Rootmaster is quite cool & quirky and the food was really good when I went (especially the vegan chocolate cake!).  However, we had really bad service (although that may just have been bad luck) and no toilet on board - we had to use the nearby pub!  Worth a try just for the fun factor.

The Gate is supposed to be amazing (from all the reviews), but when I went I wasn't too impressed - I thought it was quite overpriced.  It also didn't help that they forgot that I ordered the vegan option of one dish and acted really put out when I refused to have the ordinary vegetarian one!

A great vegan cafe / bar if you go to Camden (rather than eating dubious stuff off the market) is Inspiral.  They have a really good selection of food.  When I went you could get a box of food for about £5 and they just kep filling it up and up for me until I said it was full enough.  Their chocolate brownies are drool-worthy too.

Carefule of the Chinese buffet places - there are a few around that are completely vegan and about £5-£6 for an all you can eat meal, but all the ones I have been to have been so so salty, so for me not that pleasant and not a nice experience.

Any way I think your question was any must go places (I got side tracked) - I would say try Mildred's if you're in central London or Inspiral if you're near Camden.

How long are you going to be in London for?  Where abouts are you staying?


Wow, Shelloid, THANK YOU!  That was an amazing list!  I'm only going to be in London a few days because my friend and I are heading out to Morocco in the middle of my visit.  She lives in east London, quite close to Rootmaster actually, so I'll probably check that out.  I thought I was going to be in London longer but it didn't work out that way.  I like Camden a lot, so I might be able to check out inspiral too.  Thanks again, I really appreciate it!!

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