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Going to Portland for a week w/day trip to Seattle- HELP!


My husband (vegan) and I (ovo-lacto) are going to Portland for a week at the end of Sept basically for eating purposes only. We base all of our vacations on food. Sad?

Anyway- I have a decent list of places to go while in Portland but we are taking a day trip to Seattle- can I have some suggestions on what to do and where to eat?!

Yay im so excited!


Jenn :D

mighty-o donuts!


ack! I am just seeing this now, so I may be too late...

I recommend for finding restaurants.  For a day trip, you should go to the University District. Check out Wayward, Pizza PI, Araya's, Sage (used to be Quickie's), or all of 'em! There are many vegan restaurants, but these are some faves. Many spots for bubble tea, espresso, snacks, or shopping around there, too. A visit to Sidecar (all vegan grocery store) is a must. Hope you enjoy(ed) Seattle!

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