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Hawaii! Vacation Aloha style! :)

Hey guys I searched Hawaii but it is either we never talked about this paradise on the Earth :) or I am a bad searcher :((( So anyhow please reffer me to the right topic or we could share info here. So here I go It is going to be my first visit so I have tons of question. Like which Island to go to with criteria -fun for my 3 y.o. daughter  and me wanted to learn how to surf (or at least  attempt  :) to learn ). Is it cheaper to stay at the hotel or condo ? How about food? Does people eat there anything besides pineapples (stereotype I know :) anyhow any piece of information is highly appreciated :)))

oh man i'm jealous of you! if i were you i would go on an all friut diet while in hawaii. they have sooo many amazing tropical fruits.
so you aren't sure which island you are going to go to? uhhh, can't help you there.. but if you are worried about veg food options and you don't want to go on an all fruit diet (even though i think you should!) you should cheack out happycow

i know nothing else. i just wanted to say i am jealous of all the fruit.

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