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Help me plan my next NYC visit, please!

I'm going to visit  in NYC in a couple weeks, and I wanted to plan some extra awesome things for us to do.  He's not vegan, so the things don't have to be vegan-centric (although if you know any places that are good for both meat-and-potatoes omnis and vegans that would be helpful!)

I already know that I want to go to one art museum and to Babycakes.  Last time I went to Babycakes with Cali and Kennedy my cupcakes melted, so I need to go back on principle.  Any other suggestions for things that are cheap/not too touristy would be good.  I've already done most of the major things on the touristy NYC checklist, I just want some new ideas.

Feel free to include things in Brooklyn or Queens as well as Manhattan.

ok, so this isnt soo cheap but its amazing!  I totally recommend going to Quintessence on the lower east side.  My omni bro and I went and he loved it!  Its raw and delicious .

Also Scoops Ice cream parlor in Brooklyn. 
624 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn  NY 11225
(718) 282-5904

I'll write back if i think of anything else...oh and the Met is pay with donation so you could give like 2 dollars to get in oh and the Cloisters which is part of the Met, its really pretty.

eta:  you should walk across the BK bridge and head to Dumbo, you can see the ocean and the bridge, theres a park there.


Yay thanks!  I remember you told me about that restaurant.
Met sounds good.

More ideas! 


i wish i would of seen this earlier ....

my fav spot to go to is the V Spot in Brooklyn, it's right in Park Slope ... Minutes from Manhattan ....

I go there ALLLLLLLLL the time! Actually, if you are ever in Brooklyn, especially Park Slope there are TONS of places with Vegan options .... and like every place offers Vegetarian. We are a truly spoiled neighborhood .... being vegan here is like no sweat! :P

Well if you haven't gone yet and you catch this post, I hope you enjoy it. Its comfy food ... I took my dad for father's day (he's an omni) and he's like right off the boat Italian .... I had to keep explaining to him none of it was meat or cheese. This one seitan dish he kept insisting was beef and broccoli lol ... watev ... he really enjoyed it!

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