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hey east coasters...

Hey everyone out east...are you okay? Hope you survived the snowstorm!

Ya, I survived. There was a lot of snow, but it was the
light and fluffy kind. Not the wet and heavy kind. It was
easy to shovel and looks nice. I stayed in yesterday
(except for two shoveling activities) and now I have to
venture out into the world and see how travelling is.


The snow is lovely. We got about a foot and a half (give or take) and it's soft and fluffy and perfect for snowboarding. If I actually snowboarded anymore, this would be more relevant.

I wish we'd gotten more. I remember last year: three feet in one weekend. That was rad!


We survived here in Northeastern CT, we got about 18 inches.  I love snow!  I am supposed to be working on my thesis project so I should not venture out to ski or board.
have you ever just not wanted to work on something you know you REALLY have to work on?  I am at that stage, dragging my butt!  But I have started to make progress.


We went to NJ on Saturday and drove home Sunday at noon.  Took 4 hours.  So it was a pain but doable.

The snow at home was about 2feet in front of our garage of light powdery fluff.  So aside from melting and icing over last night, its no big deal.



I am in Buffalo New York - and for once - we DIDN't GET HIT ;D

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