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Northeast Canada (NS, PEI, NB) Summer Vacation?

I am planning to go with my family for two weeks this summer to Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.  We'll be staying in Halifax, Pictou, Cavendish and Moncton.  Half the stay will be on PEI, where we'll have a full kitchen. The rest of the time we won't have a kitchen and will have to scrounge around in restaurants.  

Our trip isn't until August but I am already starting to get a little nervous because most of the restaurants are all about lobsters, more seafood and things like moose stew.  I don't mind eating salads and rice or whatever, but I don't like subjecting my kids to five straight days of spaghetti.

Any tips would be appreciated.   Usually before we go away, I call the local supermarkets and ask what they have on their shelves.  However, if anyone happens to know if I am going to be able to find tofu in the supermarkets in PEI, or any other substitute meat products, that would be great to know and would help put my mind at rest.  It's supposed to be a vacation and I really don't feel like dragging my pressure cooker and half my kitchen with me!

Thanks very much!


I am from Moncton. Yes, most of the restaurants around here will be focused on seafood and fish, but I think there are quite a few options in Moncton that might be of interest to you.

The only vegetarian restaurants are Calactus and Zen Garden.

The former serves different type of dish from such as veggie burgers, burritos, pizzas, indian dish, mexican dish, etc. They have a lot of vegan options, but if you're interested in something that might have cheese in it or dairy, you can always ask them to veganize it. The prices are a little expensive, depending on your budget, but the food is good and once in a while, it can't hurt. :)

Zen Garden is mostly vegan and serves asian type food such as dumplings, rice noodles, sushis, sticky rice wraps, shao mai, etc. They also serve tea. They don't have a big menu, but the food is good and the atmosphere is very soothing. (179 Mountain Rd. Moncton, NB Tel: 506-384-6801)

Other vegetarian / vegan friendly options :
Asian Garden ( - indian
Taj Mahal (Main Street, Moncton) indian
Blue Olive (451 Paul Street, Dieppe) (they also have a small grocery store next to the restaurant)
Saigon Thai (Orange Lane, Moncton)
Graffiti (Main Street, Moncton - I remember that they used to have vegetarian options, it's been a while since I've been)
Pink Sushi (they have veggie sushi... california rolls... located on Main Street)

Both Sobey's and Atlantic Superstore have a lot of vegan options, they have different type of tofu and meat substitute. I believe that there are some Sobey's or Superstore in PEI, therefore, you will have access to those options. In Moncton, we don't really have "local" supermarkets, but I invite you to stop by Moncton and Dieppe's Farmer Markets, on Saturday Mornings.Again, lots of vegan options and it's a good family outing.

That's all I've got for Moncton, for now. All restaurants have vegetarian options, it's harder to find vegan dishes, though.


By the way, I'm not sure when in August you will be in Moncton or NB, but if you're around on August 15, I recommend that you drive up to Caraquet, for the Tintamarre that celebrates the Fête des Acadiens. It's a bit carnaval-esque event, it's loud, cheerful and colourful. It's also a family event that you and your kids could definitely enjoy.

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