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Organic Farmer's Market in Coconut Grove (FL)

It had been a while since I have been to a farmer's, since I left California (5+ years ago)!  I found a local, all organic/pesticide free one with a huge emphasis on raw food.  Every Saturday 11am - 7pm.  It was great!!  ;D  Everything fresh and yummy smelling/looking!  Along with fruits and veggies, they had tons of organic nuts/grains/dehydrated items....and so much more.  I probably have a week to a week and a half's worth of yummy organic produce and it didn't cost me anymore than it would have for that pesticide-laced stuff they sell in the supermarkets.

Needless to say; I was pretty impressed and plan on making that farmer's market trip just about every week.  ;)  Or I can just drive down to their farm and picked up stuff!

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