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Outdoor Adventure Snacks.

So... I love the great outdoors... and I have a feeling many of you do too.  As such, I thought I'd start a thread concerning vegan foods that are travel friendly--things you can throw in your backpack or stuff in your kayak's day-hatch.  I have a feeling this could be a good resource for the vegan outdoor enthusiasts out there.  Anyone have a favourite recipe for hiking snacks?  How to prepare vegan food for multi-day expeditions and adventures?  Planning and preparing meals?  Post it here!

Mountain Equipment Co-op's website is a great resource for trip planning and technical tips.  Here's a link to the "Backcountry Gourmet."  Although it's not entirely vegan, it's a great resource in its own right... with tons of adaptable tips.

I would love to get some recipes of this kind! I generally buy snacks to bring along, but they get expensive. My favourite is the Rebar brand. As I eat one I sit there reading the ingredients amazed at the nutritional goodness inside.

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