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Peas and Greens-Albany

Has anyone ever eaten here? On vegdining it is described as Veg Friendly. I am wondering, HOW veg friendly, and would it be worth the trip? I will be in the area next week and wonder if I should seek it out or not.

i walk by there all the time but i never go in. they do have vegan items (seitan sandwiches and whatnot). at least i remember walking by and going "oh, i could eat there if i wanted." i don't think it really has a lot of sitting room... it might be a walk in/get stuff/go eat elsewhere kinda place. again, i've only walked by but i don't think anyone else who frequents to boards are in ALB (at least those who POST!!) IF you go there and it sucks, you can keep heading down lark st (away from washington towards madison ave) and on the other side of the street you'll see Bombers. they can make vegan stuff. i would suggest the bbq tofu burrito, vegan (they actually know what vegan is. i always say "no cheese no sour cream" and they go "vegan?"). it's decent enough. it is one big burrito. they also have a lot of tequillas if you like that kinda stuff  ;)

not sure why i haven't gone to p'n'g. lazy i guess. what you coming to the ALB for?


btw some eating places for albany got posted on here last week,com_mtree/task,listcats/cat_id,221/Itemid,27/

there is also ichiban's. they make veggie sushi. yumm.


ALL those places sound great. So much for my food budget this week. I am especially excited about the vegan cheese pizza!

We have family in Troy and Saratoga and will be visiting all next week. We usually make a trip to the state museum while we are there.  There is also an "Earthy Crunchy" (as my MIL so eloquently put it and refused to eat at) place in Saratoga we will try. I always seek out veg. places when traveling.

Maybe I will see you at Bombers (not on MySpace since I don't know how to find people!)  ;D ;)


ohhh, sounds like fun. i'll also let you know that the large stores in the area (price chopper and hannafords) both tend to carry a decent amount of natural/vegan foods. hannafords has more selection, but you can get vegan dairy items (milk, yogurt, cheeze) and whatnot. it isn't a hard area to visit if others are interested!

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