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vegan food on a cruise?

My family is planning to go on a carival cruise to the bahamas over my winter break which should be fairly exciting, i'm only concerned about food. should i worry about bringing things along with me? have any of you had any experience with getting vegan food on cruises? carnival run ones in particular?

I remember eating halfway decent vegan food on a cruise to Bermuda once, but I don't remember the cruise line. They will almost certainly have a separate veg menu, but don't expect the food to be as great as a good restaurant. Everything was fine, but it was all seasoned exactly the same-- veg broth, salt and pepper, and maybe three green herbs. But I guess that's life. I would call the travel agent or cruise line before you go and see if you can get sample menus.

The breakfast/lunch buffets are the worst though-- tons of cheese and deli meats, and things like mayo-laden potato salads, custardy pastries, etc. Do be prepared to eat lots of salad (iceberg lettuce, natch), but you'll probably be able to get decent dinners. If you're really worried, take some of those instant soups where you just add hot water.

Hopefully you'll be able to eat some interesting things on the islands though! I'm sure that there will be plenty of vegetables and beans, although you'll have to check that stuff wasn't cooked with stock or bones or bits of meat.


I'm not too concerned as its only 5 days and 4 nights and on the way down AND the way back (we're driving to Jacksonville from NH) we'll be stopping and staying in Chapel Hill NC with my vegan boy ;) so I'll be able to load up on food at his house. I was just wondering if I'll get on the cruise and not need to have brought ANY food with me. As far as any one knows are there any regulations against food being brough on cruise ships? like I know you can't fly with some things.. so does this count as crossing international borders? we couldn't find anything on the cruise website specifically mentioning food items.


I just found this blog last week, it might help you out.  I found it interesting

Edit - and there is this thread that might help


i went on a cruise this summer (hence that other thread!).  I let them know a head of time and told them I was allergic ( ::)) and they were very accommodating.  My waiter was really nice and brought me a glass of soymilk each night at dinner (which I really don't like drinking, but I really appreciated the effort).  At the seated dinners, they would show me the dinner menu of the next night and they would adjust the vegetarian dish to something I could eat.  If it wouldn't work, then they usually made a pasta dish with veggies for dinner.  Breakfast and lunch are kind of free-for-all buffet style, but I usually found something.  I was so happy to see that they had miso soup nearly every day- look at the international foods for a better selection of vegan foods.  And be ready to eat lots of salad, like sharway said. 
I had brought some foods with me (soymilk, larabars, granola, and crackers) but I really didn't eat any of it.  This was on royal caribbean by the way, but I hope that carnival would be as accommodating.  I think the best thing you can do is speak up ahead of time, and, um, well, lie and tell them you're allergic ;) (they can't argue with medicine right?)
good luck and have fun!


Though I have never been on a cruise I would:

Call up or email the travel agent.  Explain your needs.  And do use the 'allergic' flag if need be.

Check out the cruise line's web site, including the ship you plan on taking and its restaurants.

When you board speak to someone immediately about your needs.  Always be polite, thankful and smiling.  If they feel appreciated for their efforts on your behalf, they will be willing to go that extra mile.  It helps to cultivate friends out of the server, host, chef and even dishwashers!  Honest! 

Be prepared with SEALED packaged foods: like soy jerky, dried fruits, bars, soup in a cup, and even chips.

I always find it pretty easy to find steamed veggies, cubed or whole fruits an simple starches.  Finding good protein is harder unless there are ethnic selections which utilize beans, lentils or tofu.

Good luck and seriously go and have a great time!


Thanks for the suggestions everyone :) I think we'll end up calling the cruise line for sure as their website only mentions how they cater to kids and have some ethnic options.

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