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Animal "Lovers" who eat Animals

I just spent the weekend at an old friend's house (haven't seen him in 20 years). He and his wife are adamant animal lovers (have rescued several cats, have a 14 year old dog, and a huge aquarium). They would basically do anything for these pets and talk about them all the time as if they are their children (they are). However, my friend really made a big deal about how difficult and picky I am when it comes to eating. I should mention that we brought all of our own food and didn't eat anything of theirs, but the comments kept coming. I could tell it was an issue for him, just as it is with my dad (who I basically told to STFU when HE made a comment). Anyway, I just don't get how these people can be so loving towards their house pets, but won't even consider eating vegetarian meals. We wanted to check out a restaurant I like in Orlando called the Garden Cafe (all the meats are MOCK meats) and his wife wouldn't even consider going there and said she wants to eat real meat.

I had never met her before, and she was SUPER nice, and I didn't really want to raise up a debate with her (they are in their late 50's, fyi). Especially since I was a house guest, but I really wanted to ask them why they felt that cows and pigs weren't as important as dogs and cats. I just couldn't bring myself to do it, and I think it was the right choice.

It seems my sister is the same way. LOVES her dogs more than I love my kids  ::) but continues to eat the flesh of other animals. I don't like debating with her either, so I didn't say anything.

She cooked out a bunch of burgers, chicken, etc the next day, and when I was making my tofu, she said it smelled good and looked like chicken. I offered her a bite and she was like, "I have enough to eat, thanks" in sort of a snotty way. I didn't say anything but maybe she realized she was being sort of rude and she said, "well, OK" She took a tiny piece and said it didn't taste unfamiliar and sort of reminder her of chicken. I said, "yes, except no one had to die". And she just threw her head back and laughed, and that was the end.

I just don't get it.

They want to do a house swap with us next year, but I will have to decline, mostly because I don't want meat cooked in my kitchen.

Do you ever debate with people like this? If so, what is their response?

I am hoping that maybe I planted a seed (she didn't think of it that way before?). I might also email with my friend (the one I've known for 20 years) and see what his response is. I would be more comfortable talking to him than her.

Oh well, this is more of a rant for me than anything else. We all know people like this.

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