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Soy milk - good or bad?

   So I as of now I drink lactose free milk as it doesn't cause me problems that normal milk does. However this is more expensive and I was thinking of trying to stick to soy milk alone. (only have soy coffee)

Reading up about soy milk though I keep finding that some people talk about soy controversy and other still believe it to be a healthy option. Obviously I'm now confused about whether or not it's a good idea to use soy or whether it would be better to avoid it.

I'm very health conscious and would like to know other peoples opinions on soy products and what they have found in their experience.

Thank you. :)















Lets face it, saying soymilk is healthier then cow's milk is like saying that the Milky Way Galaxy is bigger then a grain of sand!

I will NEVER understand how people can say cow's milk is  healthy.  It causes cancer, heart disease, obesity, hormonal imbalance, osteoperosis, destroys the environment.....who wants to help me here......lots of stuff.  It is loaded with saturated fat and cholesterol, not to mention all the hormones that are in it naturally that is in all mother's milk.   Then whatever the mama cow gets injected with goes into the milk as well, hormones to make her make more milk, antibiotics, not to mention dung because dairy cow udders are un-naturally large, causes them to drag on the ground.....and do you think they actually take the time to clean those udders before they milk???    What about puss and blood from sores on the udders from being pumped so often and hard?  Why do you think they have to pasturize it?

Nope, I will stick with my soymilk thank you.


If you are worried about the "phytoestrogens" in soymilk then try one of the many other types of non-dairy milk out there.  I think oatmilk is particularly good.  Hazelnut milk is really good too.  Almond milk is one of my personal favorites. 

But as to phytoestrogens, it is plant base, which will only have a tiny if any effect on our own system, not like the estrogens you will find in cow's milk which is animal based and as such is more closely mimics our own.  Soymilk is a very good source of good fats, proteins and vitamins. 


Thank you.

Yeah I had thought about different alternatives - made my own rice milk...wasn't too bad. 
Soya milk seems to be better for nutrients than the others though and that's an important factor in my opinion.
Didn't even know about this arguement about whether it's good or not til I looked up pros & cons of soya milk. Thanks for your help though. :)


I haven't seen anyone mention Monsanto! Typically if its any kind of soy product that doesn't say "organic", it's going to be Monsanto, the evil of all evils.

SOY: Genetically engineered and DNA-altered by Monsanto with bacteria; capable of tolerating heavy doses of Monsanto's Roundup brand chemical pesticide (glyphosate).


....I live in Ireland; don't think we have Monsanto here.


If you live on the planet, you live under the shadow of Monsanto.


Don't fall victim to the soy is bad hipe... It can be bad for you if you take thyroid meds or are just plain allergic to it... It is very easy to obtain non GMO soy milk lol even Silk, owned by food giant Dean Foods, is non GMO even the non organic states that on the packaging... Soy is just a bean and like everything, moderation and variety are important... I prefer almond milk, Blue Diamond (the normal not unsweetened varities) is my favorite :)


absolutely the documented did note would be the, commercial sebum at first, but then it ongoing with the over stated claims of how dangerous they are to a individual's body.....


amymylove -- Silk bombed with my android app buycott as supporting legislation supporting GMO products. I make my own soymilk with organic non GMO soybeens. Some of the stuff out there that claims to be organic and good for you really isn't. Global corporate giants will lie, and lie some more to you to make ou beli\eve their food is really good for you when in fact it's not. Read the lables of the organic or natural foods you want to buy. A lot of them have almost no nutrution at all. Why would a seed the start of a plant life have almost no nutrients in  it?

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