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Anyone ever build a cob house?

DS is really interested in building a cob house for himself someday (he's only 17 now), and I am captivated by the idea and the pictures I've seen of them.  Has anyone here ever done this?  I'd love to hear how it went.  We were thinking of making a small-scale model in the back yard this summer.

I've not done it yet but I've been reading up on it.  I want to take a class here


I have not done it yet, but I really want to. I have The Hand Sculpted House book, which is a treasure trove of how to on building out of cob.

If you are in the Pacific Northwest, you can take classes from the book author on construction with cob:



We are planning on building a cob home, hopefully as soon as fall next year. We've been reading The Cob Builder's Handbook, which is really helpful.
To build something small first is a good idea. Later this year, We're going to try something small and simple--no wiring, flooring (other than the ground), or window/door installation--just a nice little hut to get the hang of the foundation, roofing, and obviously the making of/building with cob.

It seems like the main issues are finding out what Your needs are (the space required, if You want electricity/plumbing, etc.), what You can do with the materials/resources You have or can afford to acquire, and how to put those things together depending on Your geographic location.

The weather/climate of the area is a big factor, especially when it comes to the amount of moisture in the ground where You're planning on building.

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