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Advice Needed for a Picky Eater

My daughter just recently announced to us that she would like to become vegan and I would like to support her choice. However, over the years cooking for her I know how picky of an eater she is and how unwilling to try out new things as well. I want to encourage her on her choice to become vegan, but I am worried about her health at the same time. I have tried using my local library with (thankfully) a large amount of cookbooks dedicated to vegan cooking, however many of the main focus in the books is tofu and beans recipies which she still won't try. I know you can eat vegan and still meet diatary requirments for a growing child or even an adult, but with her limiting what I can try and make it worries me. I plan on browsing the recipies you have here, but if you have any advice for feeding a picky eater that would be wonderful!

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