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Another new guy..

Hi peoples.


Im giving this no meat  thing a go for the first time,  I have been skeptical in the past but im hoping my health is gonna improve by dropping meat.


I am looking to incorporate food that is mostly geared towards health/nutrition, as opposed to fancy cakes/recipes (im not hard to please), at the same time I have a wheat/gluten and lactose intolerance..

I am also unsure of Soya due to controversy.. but apart from that im willing to try most things..


Any iput at this point will be greatly appreciated. Going to take a look at these Earth shift products...


Hey mumbles. I am new too! (Both to the site and RAW food, which is also vegan) Something quick and yummy (nothing fancy) that I tried and loved was a kale wrap. (I went organic with all the ingredients, but not necissary) 

One  large Kale leaf (rinsed in cold water)

Tbs of your favorite vegan spread, spread on the inside of the kale leaf (I used roasted red pepper humus, but guacamole or salsa would be good to try as well)

Julianed or thinly sliced carrots and cucumber placed in the center of the kale leaf

I also added pea shoots (yummy sprouts)

Roll up the kale leaf and enjoy! 


See which veggies you like and switch them up! I may try some green/red/yellow peppers soon : )




Welcome! And awesome advice from HugMeWithYourSmilelove it!!

I'll also add that you should check out almond, coconut, oat, and hemp milk! They are all absolutely delicious, and a great replacement for cow and/or soy milk!

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