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Gluten Free Vegan Newbie!

Hi! My name is Sammy, I am 22 and a senior in college. I am study Physiology and Neurobiology. About two years ago I fell ill and had to take time off from school to spend my days in hospitals and doctors offices. After two years I was diagnosed with visceral hyperalgesia, and Celiac Disease! Because of the damage done to my gut from the prolonged exposure to gluten, my doctors and I decided a vegan diet would be best for the time being. However I have fallen head over heels for my new vegan lifestyle and slowly but surely it has become more than a diet for me! The more I learn the more I am convinced this is the way to go! I have now been vegan since about August of 2012.

Any other gluten free vegans on here? I would love the support and to chat with more of you! 

Hello Sammy congrats on going vegan! I too am actually a gluten free vegan newbie and i was never diagnosed by a doctor for having celiac disease, but i have repeatedly experenced symptoms and signs of the disease. The great thing about being vegan is there are alot of really great foods that you can eat that can satisfy your gluten free needs as well as your tastebuds :) Any favorite vegan/gluten free recipes/meals???


Hi Sammy! I am more familiar with the gluten free than the vegan, but if you are looking for some good bread or treats, try under the Gluten Egg and Dairy free section. :) Nice when you find something that is working and when you fall in love with it! Cheers!! Keep up the good work.


Hey Sammy,

I'm new as well, and very similar to lalaglitz's story. I am also still in learning phase (although I think I will always be!). Let any of us here know if you have any questions etc. I find eating gluten free to be much more work than eating vegan, but you find your way around after some time and it gets easier. And you feel so much better! Which is the best part for me. 




 I am a gluten free vegetarian but hope to go vegan soon. I have been gluten free for right at 1 year now and have been vegetarian for 3 going on 4 weeks. I hope by the end of this year to be fully transitioned to a vegan. 

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