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Hi everyone!

For the past few months or so, I've thought of being either a vegetarian or a pescetarian and the past few days, I've barely had any meat. Last night, at work (I work at a grocery store), I could barely look at meat or talk about it without getting grossed out. Would that be considered a first stage of vegetarianism/pescetariansim? I'm completely lost and have real no idea on how it even starts.

Hi Jessica, your message is a month old so I guess you've probably already found some resources for yourself by now, but in case this is still useful.

I'd say the first place to start is to find out a bit about vegetarian/vegan nutrition, so that you're sure to get a healthy balanced diet and feel great. There are a lot of really useful online guides, like this one from the vegan society:
I also really like - Heather, who owns that site, has tonnes of informative videos on both nutrition and cooking, try some of her recipes!

If shops near you have the products available, it's possible to just start replacing everything you eat with vegetarian or vegan versions: vegan cheese, vegan chicken, vegan hotdogs etc. I'm not a big fan of the approach, partly because I think a lot of the subsitutes don't taste all that good, and partly because they're often not terribly healthy either. I prefer to eat a lot of whole foods: fresh veg and fruit, pulses, grains, etc. etc. Just start browsing the recipes here and elsewhere on the web, find things that look easy and sound good, and move from there! Good luck!

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