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Finally a place and people that understand me and don't think I have totally lost my mind!!! What?? You don't eat meat??? WHAT??? You don't eat dairy??? WHAT???? You don't eat eggs??? Well HOW do you live and WHAT do you eat???......I for one am getting a little tired of those questions! LOL!

Anyone else meet with serious opposition when you "went to the dark side"??

When I meet someone who gives me a real problem, what I like to do is make a little crochet cap and photograph one of my stuffed animals wearing it.  Then I write at the bottom of the photo in a black sharpie marker "GOT A PROBLEM WITH TOFU?"  Then I'll mail the picture to the offending person with no return address or other identifying information.  I tell you, it works magic.







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I'm a manager in a very non-vegan friendly restaurant, so yeah, I get a lot of crap about being vegan, but most of it is good natured. At our daily meeting, we are encouraged to share a meal together, and I sometimes get gaggy, horrified faces at my healthy eating habits, (which I don't understand, since the sight of them stuffing their faces with burgers, steak and greasy sausage gravy gags and horrifies me, yet I choose to be polite about it.) I get a lot of questions about it, and I'm happy to discuss it with anyone who wants to know. I of course, often get the classic "Where do you get your protein?" and some weird questions like "Do you eat that way because you're anorexic?" Ummm...what!?

My family seems to be in denial about my converting to veganism, which I find unfortunate, and they can get rather snarky when the subject comes up. I honestly don't mind the questions, and actually like discussing it with people who are respectful and genuinely curious, but I just don't understand those who seemed to be angered by my eating choices. What is so strange and threatening about choosing to shun animal products?I just don't get it.

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