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Hello fellow vegans!

So after 2 years as a vegetarian I finally went vegan, and after several failed attempts I have been eating vegan for 3 days! :-D 

I am on here for the recipes, blogs and more than anything for the motivation I can get here on the thread. Right now I am reading "The China Study" and waiting for my vegan chocolate chips so I can make "Easy As Heck" cookies, SO excited! 

A little starter question: Is it normal to be and feel bloated the first couple of days? I have been really bloated since Sunday :-D But feeling better than ever. 

Veg on! :-D

thats awesome!!!!

any tips for me???

i really, want to go vegan!!!!

im 11, if your not an adult, did you ask you parents, how???


Find vegetarian things you like and make them vegan :-D

Other than that, I dont have much advice. Just starting this myself. 

Hope you are liking living as a new vegan, I am :-D

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