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Hello, I am new here. Came for the recipes stayed for the awesome threads

Hello Everyone

Love this site, since discovering it about 2 months ago. I have been vege for over 4 years now, I cook vegan all the time but do deviate when I go out and there are no vegan options. I live in NZ have done so for 16 years when my family moved here from South Africa. I noticed a few kiwis on here. Lived in the biggest city Auckland for the last year. People think that NZ is clean and green, sadly that is not the case. I try to be politically active and a proud green voter yay! I went from being a guy who loved meat to being repulsed by it, there are many days when I look at eggs and cheese like that too. I just cannot drink milk anymore I find it gross now and been a rice and oat milk drinker for about 2 years now, avoiding all dairy besides cheese my nemesis!

I am a huge film and music buff, I like running and scribbling my thoughts down that I call 'writing'. Look really forward to being a apart of this community and transitioning my life to veganism eventually hoping this site will be a bit of a catalyst for that.

Welcome aboard.


Nice to meet you! 


Yeah... the recipes are really just the 'bait' for new forum members, lol!

Glad you're here, & nice to meetcha!



I live in NZ too - having moved here from the UK at the beginning of this year.  There's a few of us on here from NZ.....we're gradually taking over!





Another New Zealander! Welcome! I hope to make it to your glorious country one day... I hear the coffee with soy milk is the best in the world!


...And as of the 22nd of December I am not just a lacto-ovo veg, but now a vegan. I figured 4 years of being lacto-ovo, means that this is a life choice I am not undoing and going vegan is what I really need to do.

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