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Hello. I am trying to get veg people tolive at my place, Missouri

I am trying to get veg people to live at my place. I do not charge rent but for you to trade help in exchange for living here, permanently. To get like minded people to be a small community and help each other. I am looking for people who will  be willing to learn to play guitar for 1950's Country Gospel Music and Bluegrass Gospel Music.  I do not support you. You can use my 20 acres to grow a garden, can build an office or shop for your business.  Can not use my land for profit animals.
Is the rules that I can not post my phone number?  I unchecked the box so I can recieve emails. :)

I am trying to figure out how I am to get emails when someone is interested.


Hi, shirleymarlene.  Your user name and avatar are in the bar to the left of the thread.  Under that there will be four links, each with an arrow (messages, unread posts, new replies, and recent posts).  "My messages" is at the top of the four.  When you receive a message, it will alert you there.


  Thank you for replying to my post.  I don't have all of that checked in my profile but I guess I better go there and see it.


Hi shirleymarlene,
Welcome!  You might have some luck if you Google "intentional communities".  I know I've seen a few sites that are directories of similar places, looking for members.  Beyond that, you could run an ad on, &/ or (there are probably more).  I've used helpx with positive results. There is also for organic gardening.


  Hello savvyidler,

Thank you for telling me where I can post or put ads.  I have been in for a long time. but it is very hard to get good honest people.  That is why I try to post on sites that have values and meaning. 
  I have never heard of these other sites and that is what I need to know.  Thank you so much.

shirleymarlene      :)


Since I posted the Thank you, I have been to those sites about exchange room and board (food) for not having to pay for a hotel or motel because they are traveling the world.
  Mine is a permanent home for them. They can go on vacation rarely. If they do a lot of traveling then this is not the place for them. I am a vegetarian and most people in the world and Australia eat about anything. I believe if they buy, cook and eat their own food that I will be able to buy, cook and eat my kind of food that I want without it interfering with them, too much. They have to be responsible to buy, own and wash their own sheets, ect.  They can use the washer. I furnish the bed, room, furniture but I am not a maid ( as in a hotel maid). They have to prove to me that they can take care of themselves so when I die this will not all fall apart.  They are to be successors for the place but not owners.  The legal papers can not be drawn up until I get people to put on the papers. they have to be a real part of the place. I prefer USA only people.
  I have been looking for a site to help me with the exchange program.  I still appreciate the info.  I just need to keep looking. That will have to be another day.
Thank you

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