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Hello I'm New! Need Your Advice.

Hey everyone,

I'm David, I'm new to the forums and hoping to get your advice.  

I'm a cofounder of an online cooking school called Feast that's looking to remove all the barriers preventing people from learning how to cook.  We're working on our vegetarian session right now.

If you could imagine the perfect vegetarian cooking class for beginners, what skills or concepts would you want to see taught in there? 

(You can get the gist of what we're building here:

Appreciate any advice you can offer (=

Silly_bunns: That's really awesome feedback, and that's something I've learned recently as well.  Some of the best food I've had were extremely simple recipes, with high quality ingredients.  The natural flavor does the work for you.  You just have to learn the techniques.


Hi David, this is coming a bit late, but in case you're still checking back here:

- Following on what silly_bunns said, I would emphasize that a lot of the best vegetarian cooking does not attempt to replace meat with something that looks/tastes/feels like meat, but rather celebrates the deliciousness of vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts etc. in their own right. 

- discuss a really broad range of herbs and spices and explain what they can do for a dish for endless variations

- this is by no means limited to vegetarian cooking, but general tips on preparation and timing would be good for any beginning cook: how to make sure you don't end up with overcooked vegetables, undercooked rice and a bunch of increasingly hungry and intoxicated dinner guests :-)

I'll be back if I think of more. From your intro video, I really like the concept!  



I would say vegan cooking isn't about alfalfa sprouts as some people think it is.

Vegan Food is absolutely delicious and has protein.



I am a vegan and one thing I kind of struggle with is versatility....maybe a few ingredients that can go several ways would be great!

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