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Hello there. ^- ^

I'm new to VegWeb. I have recently decided to go Vegan. I have Celiac Disease, so I'm unable to eat gluten, which makes things 'mildly' difficult for me; as I'm not 100% sure about nutritional values of things. Though I luckily have an allergy to eggs (the whole egg), so I don't have to worry about eliminating that from my diet or finding 'solutions' for that, as I don't eat it anyway! :D

I'm having a tough time transitioning over to Vegan for only one simple reason. Support.

Everyone I tell that I am trying to go Vegan, either give me a funny look, or make a comment about 'Why?'. "You're already so limited on what you eat, why limit yourself more?" -or- "That's stupid. There's nothing wrong with eating animals." -  "Are you going to become one of those Vegan nut cases?" - "Do you think you're fat or something?"

I don't think I should have to explain myself or my reasoning behind my choices if they don't harm anyone. And although I would like to explain my reasoning behind it, I find most of the time my babbling about things that I find to be important falls on deaf ears. I'd like to take more practical approaches to helping people understand.

Instead of telling people about how the Vegan lifestyle can help in so many ways, I feel like I will have to get them interested in it first. Seeing as how the only thing that interests most people is the 'negative' aspects of the food, showing them that the food can taste great, and make you feel great, might fare better then trying to explain. Maybe once a week I could have a 'Vegan' dinner at my house, invite all of my friends over. Laugh, talk, just have a good time. Make Vegan food a pleasurable experience. And perhaps if the topic of, 'What is going Vegan all about?' comes up, we can all have a discussion about it. And PERHAPS it might inspire them to eat less animal product, but replacing it with delicious vegan meals.

These are things that I would really like to do. I don't want to shove my going Vegan down peoples throats, but I would like to be able to share it with the people I care about without seeming like I am forcing it on them. And I know small steps could greatly help the world around us, despite what people say.

The problem I face now, is simply support. Which is why I joined. I want to become more knowledgeable, talk to other vegans about things that they've experienced, things they've done to show the people around them that going vegan doesn't make you an alien. I want to get more information on, not only food, but all things related to animal processing. I don't want to purchase products that use animal, and if I can help and afford it, I will.

I have no problems with eating healthy foods either. Vegetables and fruits are amazingly tasty to me. I love them. Broccoli, artichoke, leek, spinach, tomatoes, celery, apples, pears, grapefruit, I love it all. I've yet to eat a fruit or vegetable that I don't like. I love tofu, and soy. I actually find it disgusting to 'drink' cows milk, because I've been drinking soy and almond milk for so long now. Though I would still cook with it, or add it to something here or there, I can say I've honestly had less then 5 gallons of cows milk in the past 8 years. I just genuinely don't like the taste anymore. There are VERY few things that I dislike flavor wise in this world, and the only two things I can think of are 'Squid & Pig Snout'. Two things that I have tried that I VERY MUCH despise.

The most important thing that I want to do is become healthier, be happier, help others more. I would like to look at food for what it is, fuel for our bodies.

And I hope by joining, and talking to all of you that I will be able to achieve these goals for myself!

:) Don't worry what others say. For some reason the connotation that comes with ....omg hes going to say it...VEGAN..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! is just that. People just will not accept the fact that something as simple as an eating habit isn't the end of the world or you as a person! I have to still deal with it and I have been vegetarian/vegan for 5 ish years! I agree though support is crucial! So here we all are!!

         Tip #1 don't tell people its vegan if they don't ask. Let them like it first. Most of the time people will not even try foods I spent hours making just because its vegan! Tip#2 allow people the time to realize that a lot of foods they already eat are vegan! ex... pasta with sauce. Tip#3 is the most important though!! Don't care what ignorant people think. We cannot change them nor, apparently, do they want to even consider a differing view point.

      Being gluten free will just mean you will prob be healthier than the rest. I try to make gluten free stuff here and there to change around my grains. Plus as the food artist I am...more like a finger is really enjoyable to find new ways to make things the unconventional way :) Have no fear where the gluten free is concerned. Be aware the baking will be super different, but if your already used to it... no biggy!

      Funny you say that about cows milk. It is an identical situation with me. Even the smell is gross to me now. But I will maybe use a cup here and there if I'm out of soy or whatever for baking.  Eggs I try to stay away from as well which isn't hard at all!.

     Good luck on your journey!! - Alex


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