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Hi from Texas!!

I just have a quick question since I'm new to the Vegan lifestyle.  Can somebody please tell me what "nooch" is?  I keep seeing people talk about it and have even googled it, but....nothing.  Somebody help please???  Thanks in advance.

Hi Cathy! 'Nooch' is short for 'nutritional yeast'. In case you haven't come across it:  

I love it as a cheese subsitute: it doesn't actually taste like cheese, but works wonderfully with a lot of things you would usually eat with cheese, e.g. in stead of parmesan on pasta or risotto. As a parmesan replacement, I love to mix it with ground almonds (nooch : almond ratio is about 2:1), some salt, onion powder and garlic powder. Yum! It's also a key ingredient in many vegan 'cheese' sauces.  


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