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I'm a -born again- vegwebber?

Gosh I don't know how long it has been since I've been on this site.  I was vegan for about a year, but gave it up when I left my husband errrr 3 or 4 years ago now?  It was just too hard for me to keep up (i know excuses excuses) when I was trying to start my whole life over again.

I was sitting and chatting with a friend the other day and reminising about how great I felt when I was eating vegan and how much I missed it...

So, I'm thinking of starting over now in this area, I want to become vegan again - or maybe vegetarian to start (I've really grown to love sushi and I think I would find it hard giving that up just yet).

So here I am... I haven't started yet, infact I've already had a grilled cheese sandwhich today.


Advice for me?  how do I restart this journey again?


and if anyone remembers me - hello!  :)

Hello itsybitsykristy,

I am in the same boat--I used to be vegan, went off track for a few years and am finding my way back. I am also starting with vegetarianism first. I figure once that gets easier, I'll transition to veganism. Giving up cheese and eggs will be hard, but I won't worry about that yet. I'm taking it one day at a time, just keeping meat (and poultry, and fish...) out of my diet. That is the most realistic challenge I am willing to take on for now.

I love to cook. I am enjoying reading vegan cookbooks--my old favorites as well as new ones. I figure I can use those recipes as side dishes or snacks, to get my toes wet while I focus on giving up meat.

I am new to VegWeb as well and was perusing the posts here for a good place to plug into this community. Thank you for your post!

We can do it! :)

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