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My name is Irene.  I am tinydragon10.  I've been vegetarian off and on since 1980 now with the world the way it is so clear I am in it for life.  I am disabled and use an electric wheelchair to go distances like grocery shopping.  I have a wonderful non-vegetarian service dog.  He's a boxer and is currently eleven years old so I know the time I'll have him is relatively short.  I also have a cat who's as old as the dog.  The dog's name is Donovan, and the cat's name is Luna.  I like cooking but my disability keeps me from doing much of it.  I have fibromyalgia and standing, grating, and slicing uncooked veggies is difficult for me.  I get fired up and go at a new recipe about once a month and then in exhaustion swear never to do it again, LOL.  I do though with the human propensity to never learn when to quit.  Speaking of which I will quit now.


Hi Irene! Welcome! Donovan and Luna sound amazing, I hope you enjoy the site! 

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