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new beginnning

Hello everyone!


I'm Peter, and I'm new to the site.

I have decided just last weekend to live a meat-free life.

I have been feeling very lethargic lately, and an medical exam confirmed that my bad cholesterol is off the roof.

For those who went through what I am facing right now, any kind words to inspire me especially during days when all I wan to eat is a perfectly grilled steak?


Thanks, and looking forward to great feedback.


Peter Vekselman



Hi Peter! You can do it! Just start replacing the meat in your favorite dishes with excellent vegan meats -- try gardein, beyond meat, boca, and more! There are so many good ones, try them all! I just made an excellent chicken and broccoli stir-fry with beyond meat last night and it was ridiculously good. Make sure to eat enough food so that you're full and not craving things -- usually craving meat or cheese is related to craving heartiness or saltiness -- figure it out and recreate it with your dishes. There is so much amazing vegan food, you will find great dishes that satisfy! Just stick with it, and good luck!!

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