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new to being veggie but need to learn to be a cheap veggie

i am new to this veglife but i am on a very limited income and looking for w way to be veggie on a budget... any good ideas or links you guys can share. i know eating healthy costs more but i have 75 lbs i want to losei dont like the taste of meat but i want to stop eating a lot of bad carbs and is a process i know

thanks Mike

Hi Mike,
Sorry, I'm replying to your question really late: do you still need help, or have you found your way?
Hope it's going well for you! 


Remember that frozen vegetables is a healthy alternative as well.

A good hearty soup for the fall/winter can be cheap and great for more than one meal. There are many ways to eat cheap and healthy. Planning your meals ahead of time and making a meal list decreases the opportunity to shop on a whim, in which we often spend more money.

Buying dry beans in bulk is cheap, although requires more prep time. Rice is cheap. Tofu is inexpensive, since each meal only requires about 1/4 of the container. 

Salads can be cheap too. I usually buy spinach and get my carrots uncut in bulk which is only a few dollars for 2-4lbs. if you know you are going to be eating a greater quantity of a product, its always better to buy bulk.

Whole Foods can be expensive, but they can also offer some great deals... so check the ads at you local grocery stores and health food stores, clip coupons (which admittedly are few and far between), and always check out farmers markets.  Remember that they can be more expensive, which helps your local community, but if you need to stay on the cheap - only buy what is offered at a better deal.

Hope that helps to get you started!

Good luck and stay strong!! You can do it!



Looks so yummy to me.. I like to eat Beef with Mayo garlic sauce, I'll also try to make this yummy recipe with mayo sauce and enjoy..

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