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A NEW Type of Vegan Food Blog

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Some Friends and I are starting a new vegan food blog.  One of us - Chef Mark Rasmussen - has been a prominent vegan chef and cookbook author for many years, and we are working with him on a blog that will not only feature vegan food recipes, but give some interesting opinionated and editorialized reading along with the recipes.

The website is .  Even though it sounds like a sale site, we owned that domain, so we are using that for now.

We just wanted to write something 'more' than just recipes, and see if people liked our content, and what we thought about the vegan world.

I hope everyone has a couple of minutes to read some of our articles.  We are only on our 5th article at this point, but i would love to hear some comments on the first two articles and recipes especially.

Thank you again for keeping mother earth a nicer place to live!

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