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New to Veganism Lifestyle

Hello all!
   My name is Alaina, I am 26 years old and I just recently became vegan. Prior to two weeks ago, I was a meat-eating, dairy consuming, products tested on animals kind of person...until I finally decided to open my eyes and realize that those behaviors were not right. I started off juicing fresh veggies and fruits. Then I slowly cut down on eating meat and dairy to about 2-4 times a week. Then I ultimately cut meat out of my diet altogether and ventured down a vegetarian diet. After doing some active research and finding answers to some of my questions, and also by watching some very eye-opening documentaries, I made the switch to veganism. I feel like becoming a vegan is helping me find my identity, helping to understand myself and feel good about myself.
   The main reason I want to become a vegan is because of the health benefits associated with a vegan diet. I learned so much about the risks animal meat and by-products produce in the human body, and I also learned that there is no real need or reason for humans to consume animals in this day and age. That it's just borderline selfish. I also decided to make this choice because I believe that animals should not be treated inhumanely and killed for our entertainment or our dinner.
   My boyfriend has been alongside, working on becoming a vegan as well. He's having a hard time giving up cheese and seems to be a little discouraged about finding substitute cheese, but he's making efforts to try new things. We've cooked new meals almost every night with vegan recipes and we are absolutely loving it!

  For me, the transition to eating a vegan diet isn't too difficult. My body seems to be adapting to these changes in diet successfully. I think the only difficutly I may run into is finding beer that is 100% animal by-product free. I love all kinds of beer but I had no idea the ingredients included animal by-products. I am hoping some of you guys could give me some good advice about finding some tasty vegan beers?

  I also just want to say that I told some members of my family about adapting to a vegan lifestyle and received mostly positive feedback. There was one family member that was "shocked", to quote her, to hear that I have embarked on this diet and lifestyle. She questioned me in a mocking manner and downright told me she "didn't care". I noticed myself get a little defensive at first, but then I realized that this is MY choice and it does not directly affect her. I am choosing to become a vegan for my own personal reasons, not because someone influenced me or made me feel bad. The point I am trying to make is be yourself, regardless of what others may say. So what if they don't agree with your vegan lifestlye..they don't have to. And it's not up to you to turn them into vegans as well. People have to want to learn about the things they want to change. You don't have to like the choices they make and they don't have to like the choices you make. Be true to who you are and don't let anyone take that away from you.


Thanks for reading all of this, guys :) I appreciate your time.

P.S. List of vegan beers? thx! :)

Hi Alaina! Awesome! You will love being rules. My husband and I found this awesome website that lists all alcohols and whether or not they are vegan/use vegan processes. Also, my blog is filled with vegan recipes and ideas! It is ...Good luck!


Hi, I'm new to the vegan lifestyle as well. I appreciate the tip about, because come to find out, I have no idea what ingredients are in anything. It looks like a good site!


mrscoffey1, thank you so much for letting me know about the vegan alcohol website! Also, thank you for sharing your blog page with me, I checked it out and found quite a few recipes I'm very interested in trying! I really like the quick lunch ideas that you can make before the work week starts. The mornings can get a little hectic around here when we have to make our lunch. My boyfriend & I usually just make PB&J's, but we're quite sick of it. The ideas you suggested are awesome because they're so simple! I love the mason jar ideas too!! :) Thanks again!


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