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New From Wisconsin!

Hello! Eat fairly healthy already but need to raise the bar. Going vegetarian. (ovo-lacto). 

I have been meaning to try a meatless way of eating and decided to gor for it this January. I often eat a meatless meal anyways and my 3 daughters love veggies. I am hoping they will not beg for meat after a week. My husband will probably still eat it. Anyways, I am wanting to try this to basically learn more creative ways to eat what I already love. I want to add more whole grains into my diet and eat more beans and nuts. Limit simple carbs and bad fats. In Wisconsin in January there is a lack of fresh veggies unless you buy the ones that are shipped from far away. I live inthe country half an hour from any store so that is also a challenge for me. However, I am determined and I will try my best. :) Hello! 




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