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Newbie to the Veggie

Greetings! Today is my day 5 of a no meat diet and its been great! This is probably my third attempt at cutting out the animal, but this time is so far quite successful. I've recently discovered that eating meat makes me nauseated and since I've stopped eating it, I've felt better! 

I found this site and thought it'd be an awesome place to find recipes and friends that can support me! All tips, tricks and advice is welcome!!

Hey there!
I am also a newbie Vegan, I started a couple of months ago for health reasons and let me tell you it has been soooooo wonderful, as time goes by you'll notice how ur skin becomes clear and bright and ur energy levels are over the top. One of my favorite things about being Vegan is going to the farmers market on a Saturday morning, riding my bike and bringing back all those fresh fruits and veggies. I feel more relaxed, at peace and overly content with my whole self being... I am so glad u made the transition and from one newbie to another... Welcome! =)


Thanks for the welcome, Debbie! I cannot wait to feel the wonderful effects! Are there any tips to make the transition easier?

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