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Newly Vegan! Any Tips and Tricks to Share? :)

So, after a long time of wanting to become more ethically conscious, i've decided to take the leap and become a vegan. I'm super excited, but also somewhat lost in this sea of information. So, from an honest canadian girl looking for tips and pointers, give me your best shot!

I also love making new friends, especially friends who share interests with me, so don't be afraid to say hi! :) 

Hi BriannaRawwrr! Congrats on going vegan!

Yes, so many tips and tricks to share! First, get into the forums and get to know people, they'll help support you in your delicious transition!

As far as recipes, just start searching for the favorite foods you loved as an omnivore, and see if there are good substitutions. It's so much fun creating new recipes that are healthier and tastier! 

Have so much fun, being vegan is awesome, so welcome to being extra awesome!!



Welcome! This place just gets better all the time and the recipes are why I keep showing back up. You can tweak each to your liking and then post your tips for others :)


Thanks so much Laura and suprvxn29!! :)


Hey BR ,welcome to veganism ! No tricks , but tips a plenty . Just off the top of my head , I would say focus on whole foods as much as possible , soak your nuts , seeds , and grains as much as possible , and limit your soy intake to fermented soy products . Feel free to ask questions , I have lots of experience with natural foods , cooking , fermenting , sprouting name it ! Good luck !  Cheer !


thanks so much silly_bunns :)

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