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From one vegetarian to another...

So I have been a vegetarian for about 2.5 months and so far i just have been doing stirfried vegetables and sandwiches and stuff. I work just about every night around dinner time so I am not at home to do big dinners and have leftovers for the next day for lunches. And because of my working hours I dont really eat dinner at all, maybe a snack before and after but nothing really concrete.

Question: What would be a good thing to make a healthy and providing lunch that isnt super complex?

I find i have been getting headaches and lightheadedness since I have started this diet (or only noticed it really since I have started) and so I wonder if I am not getting enough of what i should be.

Also I will be moving out in about a month, is it harder or easier to have a vegetarian diet once you buy your own groceries and such?

You need to eat MORE. Try a wrap and load it up with tons of whatever you want. Get your tortila wrap of choice, then spread some hummus or baba ganoush on it and then add whatever salad style veggies you want. Then roll it up, stick a few toothpicks in it, so that when you slice it they do not unfold. VIOLA, instant sandwich.


I would prep aheand, just like Racheal Ray says. Chop a few veggies so that when you need to throw something together, they are already to go. And just start googling recipes, but put either the word vegna or vegetarin in front of said dish you are searching for. You will get tons of hits. And welcome to the vegan world and to Vegweb!


I would say it's easier because you can buy whatever you want to eat. Try planning your meals in advance. And cook on your days off. Trying taking a multivitamin to help supplement some things you are missing until you can get into the groove of things. I tend to eat a lot of potatoes when I'm in a hurry, raw veggies and fruit, sandwhiches which you mentioned, salad, vegan pizza, and pasta. You can make a huge pot of spaghetti to practically live off of for two or three days.

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