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Starting over

Hey all, I have been a member of this community for a while and just stopped posting for personal reasons. I was diagnoised with a few autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, and I let my depression get the best of me and after 3 years of eating vegan I stopped and now I feel worse then ever. I'm going to be honest, I did it more because I felt guilty that my husband had to cook for me and felt like he shouldn't have to cater to my food demands while having to deal with my constantly being in pain and exhausted so much. Recently, I admitted to him how I feel about eating meat again and he told me that I should eat how I want to eat and that he had no problem cooking the way i need him to cook for me. He told me that he could he could cook one meal and just add in what he wanted after I got my portion OR he could cook two smaller meals, no biggy. With that being said I starting back on the path is right for me. I am, however, finding it harder this time and I do beleive it is because of my feeling depressed at how I feel. I could really use some advice, if anyone has any. 



Welcome back, KAD!! Your husband sounds like a really amazing dude, and it honestly sounds like you're both doing a really impressive job of  supporting each other. It sounds like you just need to trust yourself a little more and believe in your awesomeness -- it sounds like you are on the right path for you, and that's an amazing thing. 

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