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Trying Vegan Diet....Again


I am going vegan again after about 2 years away from it.  Had family living with us that eats meat.  Got too chaotic trying to cook separate meals for each family whlist they lived with us.

My health is suffering from the diet change and I am now in a position to be able to go vegan again.  This time around, I have 2 young children who will be eating the foods also.  My husband isn't vegan, but he fully supports me in this.  He works a job that has him away from home for a week at a time.  To make things easier, he eats whatever I prepare and is very willing to eat vegan meals.

The change back to vegan seems tougher this time around than the first time.  When I did it before, I only had my husband & I to think of.  Now, I need very fun kid-loving snacks and meals that our 5 and 7 yr olds will enjoy.  

We live on a 20 acre off-grid homestead and I am planning out the garden for spring.  Perfect timing for going vegan again.

Thank you for the link to your website.  I love the ideas you listed for meals.  Our 5 yr old son has classic autism and is very picky when it comes to food textures.  He seems to crave carbs and anything crunchy at the moment.  I make a zucchini-type bread that is filled with a large variety of shredded veggies, which he loves.  We are also experimenting a bit with raw diet.  I found a gluten & dairy free cookbook of kids recipes and he enjoys some of those.  A favorite being a salsa made from fruit.  I add a bit of quinoa as often as possible to recipes to ensure the protein intake is high enough.  He has weak muscle problems and needs a high protein intake.  Our daughter eats nearly anything and plans to have her own little garden area.  She is very easy to cook for.  I am blessed to have a husband who totally supports the dietary changes.  When he is home, he eats vegan along with us.  Being a truck driver, it is hard for him to eat vegan while on the road.  Truck stops don't serve much of that type of food and he cannot prepare or store foods in the truck very easily.


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