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Vegan newbie and a cheese addict

Hello, my name is Romy and I'm crazy about cheese.

I'm new both this web site and in veganism. I gave up meat four months ago and I never missed or craved it. The next thing was milk and eggs, two months ago. Again, I did not mind excluding them from my diet at all. But one thing I have a really hard time giving up (even more then sugar, I found out I'm ok without it) is cheese. And to make the situation worse- I live in Paris where all vegan cheese is practically non existant (or waaaaay too expensive) while the real deal is literally everywhere. I read it was normal to crave cheese so much since apparently it's addictive (I had no idea). Did any of you have similar problems? Do you have any tricks how to fool your mind and stay on track?




Try making a smoothie instead?  Are there non-dairy milks available in Paris?  Play around with them and maybe you'll find one that works for you.

Try making cashew cheese.  It's not cheap to make in that you need lots of cashews and agar but it's very good.  Can add flavorings to it too.  I just served some to some omnis and they all ate it.  


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