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Where are all the Vegans?!

Hi everybody!
I've been a vegan for almost a month and have been amazed that I have YET to talk to another vegan (let alone meet one in person)! Even at places like a vegan café I've only found pescetarians and vegetarians D: I'm attending a Canadian university so I'm not without an abundance of people... Where ARE you guys??


Hi! We're all here!! Welcome!


Hi Jerler!

I don't know very many vegans IRL either.  But that's why there's VegWeb!  Don't give up! 

Have you checked if there is a group for vegans at your University?  Or in your city? 


KY, a colder climate!  I nearly laughed tea out my nose! 

Drive about 2500 KM north and you'll find me standing out in the three feet of snow in my backyard, making plans for the garden in the spring.  Spring comes in MAY.  We aren't guaranteed frost-free until JUNE!  Summer is a whopping three months long.   Sorry Kentucky, but if at this time of year I can see more of you than just your eyes peeking out from the folds of your snowsuit, it ain't that cold.

  :)  I'm just bugging ya.  I'm glad that you are blogging about gardening, it is a wonderful thing to be able to live off the land and eat what you yourself have sewn.  But double check your link there, I got re-directed into no-man's-land when I clicked.


thats my problem!!!!

im only 11, i cant meet anyone in person!!!


I know tons of real life vegans, come to so cal <3

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