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Big City Slider Station

wondering if anyone else has this and if they had success using this?

yes, i admit - i'm an infomercial junkie - some of the best stuff i ever bought was from infomercials (magic bullet, shamwow (yup, it really works).  Anyhow, i had this and tried it a few times but the burgers never came out consistently good.  Generally i found the gadget a bit too clumsy to use and a bit of a pain to clean.  But what can i say, i just loved the idea of slapping in a veggie pattie and in a few minutes - having delicious veggie patties waiting for my consumption.

if you're up for a good laugh - after checking out the official video above - check out this "mock" video, i couldn't stop laughing... - i'll warn you though, it *might be* more akin to guy/poddy humor - so buyer beware before viewing  >:D

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