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Help an elephant. Please sign this petition. <3

You guys all rock.

(I know it's asking a lot, but if you have a Youtube account, and the time, I'd love it if you'd rate/comment the video as well. We're trying to bump it up the list.)

The San Antonio Zoo continues to hold its only surviving Asian elephant, the woefully misnamed Lucky, in solitary confinement since the death of her companion, Alport, in November 2007. Elephants are intensely social animals who need companionship in order to thrive. Free-ranging elephants live in large matriarchal family groups in which females remain with their mothers for life. Unlucky Lucky has been alone for over a year, and without another Asian elephant since 2004. The zoo refuses to do right by Lucky and send her to a sanctuary where she can live in a spacious, natural environment with others of her species, even though San Antonio's plan is to replace Lucky with African elephants. Experience has shown that solitary elephants can turn into social butterflies in sanctuary settings, yet the San Antonio Zoo stubbornly continues to isolate Lucky in an outdated exhibit far too small to meet her natural needs. The San Antonio Zoo can change this sad elephant's luck by moving her to a sanctuary without delay. This is the zoo's second appearance on IDA's Ten Worst Zoos list.

And of course, the absolute most amazing thing you can do to help, is spread the word. <3

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