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Ionic Foot Baths -Myth?

I recently paid a nutritionist to use ionic foot baths to determine I had too much "yeast" in my system and needed to undergo a "yeast cleanse". After looking at this link:

I like a total heel. Anyone have experience with this?

I've never heard of that, but I have heard of the foot pads (and used them once! hey.. they're cheap...). With the foot pads, it appears that the dry vinegar in them + the other stuff they put in there is what makes the "toxins" that leave your foot. As moisture accumulates, the powdered vinegar becomes gooey + colors from the other stuff = stuff being "drawn from your body." hahaha

I don't dismiss all the naturey alternative medicine stuff, but the idea of getting toxins out from your feet (only your feet?) seems weird. I mean, why the feet? It seems like the possible worst location to draw anything out from your skin/body since the skin on the bottom of your foot is usually pretty thick and even calloused. Not saying you could successfully rid yourself of unnamed toxins through other areas, though.


I think it's a scam. Because your body is covered with jillions of pores and if you're gonna eliminate toxins they will come out wherever.

It's almost like these crazy "fish pedicure" things. I mean, can you spell bizarre?


I got one of those for free once. It felt good, but I couldn't help thinking that the water would have changed colors even if my feet weren't in it. It seemed like a scam to me and I am glad I did not pay for it. Did you get the yeast cleanse? Probably wouldn't hurt anyone to get one of those regardless!

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