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Re: Whining, nvr (job hunting)

way to go on the B.A.

i know how you feel  bout job hunting,its discouraging and it sux

ya it would be nice to already be employed with no worries of updating/polishing up the resume(i gotta do that today actually)im currently unemployed and a single mother...

i left my job for a change and im definately b eing stretched that's for a good way though

Jesus says  His yolk is easy His burdon light...gotta trust in that even if its hard and seems crazyy sometimes...haha andn it does but its worken

spending quality time with my soon to be 15 year old(that's rocky i tell ya)15 goin on 21

anyway God speed on the job hunt and bless you

sometimes one just has to whine ya know, its just how it is, many won't listen but it gets released haha

Hey Sandhya,
Are you planning on teaching eventually? If so, what grades interest you? Teaching is a great job - especially in July and August. (Just kidding - I teach Grade 1 and I love it. Oh, I guess in the states you say first grade, not Grade 1!)


Sandhya, hang in there! You are a brilliant and kind person. I know that a place that deserves to have you will come your way. Good luck!

PS...I laughed so hard at the Satan part. I have worked with several contenders for that position.


At least you know yourself well enough to leave when you aren't happy.  I hate the interviewing and job hunting too.  That's why I've stayed put for 14 years.  :)

Congrats on the BA.  I'm still working on mine.  :)



things are bound to look up after that meal you described -yummy! and what is godess dressing?


Job issues are the worst, my dear! Whereas am happy for those who have jobs that they love & are fulfilling, for me my job is simply a way to support my private life. It does not define me. Therefore, I hate when I have to put much of my private time into looking for/keeping a job!

Also job interviews are a bunch of bunk. You have only a few minutes to impress the interviewer, who more than likely, upon simply looking at you, has already decided if you are what they want or not. It seems to me that many people who end up being marginal employees interview very well. I wonder if this is because they are naturally good at BS'ing.  ??? ::) ??? ::)  :P

Hang in there! Things will mellow out eventually!  ;)

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