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Vegan Barista at non vegan coffee shop

So recently I've had the joy of becoming vegan, toyed around with it for a while, wanted to get better but lots of failures, and now I'm on the straight and narrow and learning more each day about better choices.  The problem is I work at this great mom n pop coffee shop with THE perfect boss, awesome coworkers, and a good amount of nice customers..... But I serve milk lattes, make egg and meat sandwiches, animal laden desserts... And it breaks my heart.  My boss is tolerant of my own eating habits but in no way wants to promote veganism, and I do not have a degree or money for college, I'm an artist on the side, and I just got promoted to more hours and better shifts.  But I feel like a liar with every "would you like whipped cream on that?"  Have any of you changed jobs or been in my predicament..?  Other than having it come up casually in conversation with customers.. Even if you think I could get away with wearing pro vegan shirts or pins or jewelry...  I just uggggh.

Well I don't think it's as hard as living with a husband and two teenagers who are not vegan. You have to do what you have to do.... Just know you will eventually be able to work doing what you love. Now if it really makes you feel bad looking for something else and staying there meanwhile might be a good option. Good luck!


I understand where you are coming from. Unfortunately it is a meat eating world for the moment where you got to do what you got to do.

If your bosses business has alot of tables try to convince him to put some vegan meals on the menu

and then tell the leaders of vegan meetups that you have vegan meals there. They might consider it as a place to meetup and that will bring in money and veganism will be promoted.


I agree with the suggestion that it would be great to get the owner to put a couple of vegan things on the menu.  I can't tell you how many coffee shop/diner places I've been in that don't have veggie burgers.  Or even if he could keep a package of Daiaya cheese and can of vegetarian refried beans in the back so you could make a veg burrito for someone if they ask.

It must be hard for you to not feel like you are participating in an enterprise you disagree with.  However, you can't very well not make a latte any more than you can not serve a piece of apple pie to a customer who clearly shouldn't be eating it.  You are expected to withhold judgment, right?

Maybe you could open your own vegan cafe in a few years and use this as a valuble learning opportunity.  I have never worked in a restaurant and they are a complete mystery to me, even though I think someday I would like to open a little place myself.

Good luck to you.


I know how you feel. I come from a standpoint that people have different diets than I do, and that is ok. Not everyone can be vegan, which is the sad truth. Everyones body is different and some people really do need to eat animal products. That being said, it is still hard to serve customers a latte made with whole milk and whipcream.

I usually start a conversation with someone, like if they don't know what they want I sugest what I would drink. Like a soy/ almond milk cortado. Also, make your boss and coworkers some vegan cupcakes or things that most people would like and then if they like it, see if you could have a day where you could do that on the menu. It will bring in more customers and start leading people in the right direction to be more tollerant. If it still bugs the crap out of you, then find a job elsewhere. You can always look. :)

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