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Anyone use Nature's Flavors?

Hello Awesome People,

I have been wanting to order from --they have lots of flavors, most (if not all) of which are noted as being vegan. This concerns me a little bit; can their organic butter flavor concentrate really be vegan? I don't doubt that it's possible, but I question whether this company really knows what "vegan" means, or didn't just copy and paste certain portions of product descriptions without double-checking to see that they're accurate.

Yes, I've tried contacting them, but so far haven't received any response. I sent the first message over a week ago; and I've tried again since--they have a machine answering the phone. So I'm wondering if anyone here has spoken with them about this, or perhaps knows enough about food science to comment on this topic in general?

Thanks so much for any experience you guys can share. Keep rockin.

In case others are interested; I finally heard back, and they assured me everything that said it was vegan was indeed vegan. Here's the written exchange:


Thank you for your interest in Natures Flavors. All products listed vegan on our website are vegan. If you have nay further questions or concerns contact the number listed below or reply back via email.

Nature's Flavors Customer Service

On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 11:27 AM, ambiguous wrote:

I'm very impressed by your site and selection, and I would love to order some of your products. However, I do have one concern: I eat a vegan diet, and I see many flavors and extracts that seem to be impossible to obtain from only plant sources, and yet they are marked vegan. Some that caught my eye in particular are milk chocolate, butterscotch, and butter. Are these really from vegan sources, or are you just saying that the medium the flavor is carried in (e.g. alcohol and gum acacia) are vegan?

Thanks so much for your help,

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