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Becel Vegan Margarine

Becel Vegan Margarine...has anyone tried this?

I just spotted the ad on the bottom of my "news" website... mainstream media!!


I just noticed that too.  Very cool, depending on what it's got in it.  I look forward to checking it out. 

The demand for these kinds of products is definitley making an impact!  :)


How interesting that I notice this post on the day that this appeared in my fridge, (not by my doing...).
I tried it out this evening and here is my review:

On the upside: It is easily spreadable right out of the fridge. It tastes like the margarine I remember growing up on, (my Mom buys becel). It is less expensive than earth balance. It is non-hydrogenated and has no artificial colours.  ;)b

On the downside: It has preservatives, artificial flavours and modified palm and palm kernel oils.
If you have no qualms with the downsides, this margarine is for you.

On the topic of soy: Other than the .2% soy lecithin and .2% vegetable monoglycerides, (of which I do not know the source), this margarine seems to be almost soy free. I note this because my son reacts to soy products, except for soy lecithin and this is the closest to soy free margarine I have seen. Luckily he likes coconut oil and flax, but I digress.

Becel supplying vegan margarine shows that the demand for vegan products is growing, (of course). By making it available to the general population in a familiar and smooth way, this supports each step towards veganism and I think that is a good thing. 
Overall, while not being a health food, it has tasty and spreadable qualities that are obvious to me. The price makes it more accessible for those on a budget, which is a lot of people.
For me, the odd time I use margarine, I'll stick to earth balance. The reason is because I'm not big on artificial flavours in my food, no matter how tasty they may be.
That said, I am still glad this product exists. I'll tell my Momma about it, cause out of this and regular becel, this is better. :)


I should keep an eye out for it here in Holland, because Becel is fairly popular here. I'll ask at the health food store the next time I go and I'm going to ask my local supermarket, too.

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