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Brad's Kale Chips

i've made my own kale chips plenty of times, and they are good, but not really awesome, and I've tried other prepackaged kale chips before too and not really cared for them.  At Whole Foods this weekend, they had a big display for "Brad's" Kale Chips so I figured I'd give them a try ohmygosh- they are sooo good! I had the "Nasty hot" flavour, they taste loike they have spicy nacho cheese on them. I highly reccommend them. and they are raw too, for those of you into that :)

I tried some sampled kale chips at whole foods the other week (not sure what brand), and it was like a chocolate chip flavor (what.). Was not impressed, because bitter kale flavor still definitely comes through.

I think it's interesting that kale chips have become so popular. I remember when people were on here, like I TRIED TO BAKE MY KALE AND MADE ACCIDENTAL CHIPS YOU GUYS! Someone's been reading vegweb... :)


ew- choc chip does not sound good at all! These are really good though.  I've noticed alot of healthy vegan food becoming more popular lately

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