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Brew lip balms wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

I don't remember who recommended these, or if it was even on this forum... but oh, these are TERRIFIC!  They smell and taste so nice and are effective, vegan, and even stevia-sweetened.  Yum.

I have one of the tea lip balms and it is the BEST!  So smooth and yummy...  I bought it because it was vegan (even though I paid like $4 for it - yikes!) but would recommend it if you are looking for a good vegan lip balm  :)


The tea ones are the ones I went for, actually.  I would have gone for the coffee ones (love the smell of coffee) but I am phobic about wearing coffee scents ever since I accidentally tipped a pot of stale coffee onto myself (Monday morning, after it had been sitting since Thursday) and stank of stale coffee all day... eew!  (My boss used to come in Monday morning and DRINK the stuff if I didn't beat him to it and toss the leftovers.)

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